Your Best Choice for Deck Protection in Sydney

In Sydney, we enjoy a great array of weather conditions right at our doorstep: from the hot, humid & wet summer days, to the cool, windy autumn and winter climates and let’s not forget our beautiful fresh springs. That’s why we know how important it is to provide adequate protection for your deck or any other timber outside with an efficient and thorough service in sealing, staining and oiling.

If you have external timber you probably know that it must be maintained and serviced periodically to stop it degrading.  The treatments for areas such as decks, cedar windows or French doors for example must be able to withstand all those beautiful seasons we have here in Sydney.  A professional team of experts are here to help you keep your surface or any other timber outside looking and feeling great with our proven range of deck restoration services.

We are happy to help you with any of your varnishing, deck oiling, staining and sealing needs for your timber surfaces.  Our goal at Sydney Clear Coatings is simple: To provide you with protection and prolong the life Span and beauty of your timber surface for both residential and commercial properties.

Trust the experts for quality deck restoration and care

So call Sydney Clear Coatings today and one of our experts will come out and provide you with some options for the highest-quality transparent coatings for your timber.

As you are probably aware, there is a growing trend in creating beautiful outdoor entertaining areas such as decking or the use of decorative timber is to add value, style, character and warmth to domestic and business environments.  This is great but the fact of the matter is simple: your timber needs to be protected.  We will help you with your deck protection, oiling staining or sealing jobs with our proven professional systems developed by our timber specialists.

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Sydney Clear Coatings focuses purely on clear finishes (including tinted clears) and are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Choose Sydney clear coatings for:

• High quality deck oiling and staining

• Beautiful smooth deck sealing finishes

• Best deck staining in Sydney

To learn more about the restoration and deck protection services we offer, read on in the Residential Services or Commercial Services pages.