Residential services you can choose from include internal and external timber stripping, sanding and refinishing to surfaces such as decking, garage doors, privacy screens, handrails, bi-fold doors, windows and cladding. We also apply protective coatings to outdoor furniture made of teak, cedar, mahogany and even hardwoods. We can clean and reseal porus surfaces such as sandstone, concrete and pavers.

For your business

Antifungal and mould removal treatments can be applied to protect your surfaces to ensure longevity and keep your property protected and looking great.

Our processes for getting the best results on your property includes the use of high end coating products, as well as environmentally friendly cleaners and low water usage blasters that can remove grime and dirt as well as existing coatings that have weathered.

When sanding we use a three-stage dust filtration system that collects 95% of dust that, coupled with bagging, sectioning off and drop sheeting, ensures that your home will be kept as clean as possible whilst the job is being carried out.

The products we can apply for you consist of traditional tung oil based coatings as well as more modern water based and polyurethane products. All products used are of the highest quality and have been widely tested in the appropriate environment for their specific use.

You can choose high wear and decorative coatings that come in a wide range of tints and finishes such matt, satin, semi gloss and full gloss.

Extra care is also taken when working close to plants and gardens so that your admired foliage is not in danger of being damaged. Furniture and plants can also be carefully moved by our staff if you require.

When the job is finished we provide you with a full written report outlining all aspects of the job that can be kept for future reference.

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